Where every click of the shutter captures more than just a moment; it encapsulates a timeless emotion, a story, a legacy. 

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As a premier, white-glove photography studio, we specialize in creating luxurious photographic heirlooms that celebrate and preserve life's most cherished moments. From the tender anticipation of maternity to the joyous complexities of family life, the professional milestones, and the curated aesthetics of editorial portraits, we offer an unparalleled photography experience tailored exclusively for women and families who desire nothing but the best.

Welcome to Keith Layne Photography!

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Exclusive Sessions Tailored to Celebrate Your Unique Stories and Milestones.


50 Over 50



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Whether it's the expectant gaze of a mother-to-be, the unguarded laughter of a family, the polished professionalism of a business leader, or the creative expression of an editorial vision, every portrait we create is imbued with depth, emotion, and authenticity. Our mission is to capture the intangible, to freeze moments of profound emotion and beauty in time, allowing them to be relived and cherished for generations.

every photo is a chapter in a larger narrative.

We believe–

Whenever I pick up my camera, I strive to immortalize your important moments in an artistic and emotional way. A picture that will showcase the beauty and love surrounding you, your love ones and the world around them. Even with it's ups and downs, your life, your story, are beautiful and I can't wait to create images to show that!

Loving family man, passionate storytelling artist, and self-love advocate.

Hi, I'm Keith.

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First step after booking your session is your planning consultation where we will get to know one another a bit, so you can feel comfortable and confident with me as your boudoir photographer. 

design a session that will blow your mind


Walk  through your journey to connect with yourself and release your inner goddess... Experience professional makeup, styling consultation and pose directing.. all to ensure you're looking and feeling your very best from head to toe.

From Flick of the makeup brush to click of the camera.. We got you

The Flicks and Clicks

End your intimate experience with the image premiere, which is maybe the most exciting part. This is the unveiling of your photos, where you get to see firsthand the fierce, fearless, beautiful woman that you are. 

Unveiling the bold, Beautiful, new You

The Reveal

- Elaine

"I suggest that everybody just goes for it. Don’t wait until you lose ten pounds. Don’t wait until you have someone to show them to. Just do it for you — especially if you’re over 40 because we’re badasses and we deserve this "


"Life after 50? It’s glamorous, full of self-assuredness, and this session was the cherry on top! Every woman deserves to feel this cherished and celebrated." 

- Celeine

"I was nervous initially, but the warmth and understanding of the team turned it into an experience I'll cherish forever. It’s never too late to embrace your sensuality!" 


From maternity and family portraits to business and editorial photography,
we aim to empower women by capturing their strength, grace, and individuality. 

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