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Classic Elegance set on a University Campus



Two Brilliant Minds in Matrimony

When you think of an Ivy League wedding your mind immediately thinks two words, “classic” and “elegant”. The wedding of Blair and Luca is every bit of classic-elegance, and more.

These two doctors-to-be planned this stunner while both in medical school at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). In fact, Blair hopped on a plane to California the morning after the wedding to begin her rotation in dermatology. Brilliant, dedicated and fun – this couple was a pure pleasure to capture.



Ivy League Excellence on Princeton University

Luca’s family studied and worked at Princeton University, which made the choice of venue simple. The ceremony was in the university chapel and the reception was held at the historical Prospect House. The Prospect House, which once served as the house of the school president, and also where Woodrow Wilson lived before becoming President of the United States, is a stunning architectural masterpiece.


Intellectual Kisses

I could feel the energy of brilliant thinkers that came through Princeton as we walked through the beautiful halls and lush grounds of the college. Each step provided a perfect backdrop to capture the love between Blair and Luca.



Let The Fun Times Roll

One of the highlights of the wedding was when the fathers sang a traditional French song dedicated to the couple. This kicked off a rocking party filled with laughs, hugs and lots and lots of dancing.


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