Love in Longwood Gardens

April 8, 2020

Long before Covid 19 kept us all locked inside, Bria and Matt celebrated their engagement and love at the beautiful Longwood Gardens.

Bria, dressed in an amazing custom made dress, was escorted by her loving fiancé dressed to the nine in a complementary green fitted suit. As we moved around the gardens, the onlookers were star struck by both their wardrobe and their expression of love for each other. Before we knew it, 2 hours had passed, the sun had set and these two still couldn’t stop laughing, kissing and loving each other.

Their Love Story

An excerpt from Bria and Matt:

“From Matthew’s point of view, Bria Javette Howard was just beautiful. And all he had to prove his justification was a picture of his new breath of fresh air.

He wanted to do something about his bubbling feelings so he messaged this bundle of cuteness, holding what many would feel were blind conversations, sharing interests and hobbies and their respective backgrounds.

From Bria’s point of view, Matthew Alexander George was infamous, and of course she knew who he was even though the two had never met.

Both wanted to do something about this mutual admiration.

And suddenly, as planned, there was Matthew, standing on the right side of Walnut and 16th Street after getting off the subway, right smack in the City of Brotherly Love. Bria wasn’t that far away as her Mom had dropped her off in Center City, but not before interrogating the mystery hunter about who she was going to meet for her night of excitement.

Bria recalls feeing sunny and indeed the bright sun was stinging her backside while she opened her arms to greet what would be the rest of her life. Matthew knew, instinctively, as the two awkwardly went through greeting ritual, he says, that Bria would be stuck with him forever…..”


Longwood Gardens

If you haven’t been before, Longwood Gardens is a great place to share and express your love for your significant other. This 1000 acre beautiful site is filled with gardens, woodlands, and meadows  and sits in the midsts of Brandywine Creek Valley in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.

We love photographing sessions in Longwood Gardens because the number of photography options available. Inside and outside gardens, amazing architecture, and great landscaping are all options to our sessions.  Add to that, my couples bringing their own personality to the session means each gallery looks completely different.

Each season at Longwood is a different experience. They are consistently changing the look, feel and entertainment options which provides so much variation.








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