Wedding Wednesday: Becca and Matt

February 7, 2019

Each wedding day we photograph is special in its own way, but there are some ceremonies that really stand out in our minds. Becca and Matt’s wedding in the summer of 2018 was one of those incredible, standout days we look back on fondly. Becca, Matt, and their loved ones were a joy to work with and together, we created some beautiful memories for them to cherish in their new life together.

Honoring Loved Ones

Becca and Matt come from close-knit families (you can see the love Becca shares with her parents in one of the images below), and their wedding day was full of affection and joy. That said, there were meaningful people that weren’t able to be in attendance that day.   Some of the most meaningful people to Matt had passed on before the wedding. Becca and Matt wanted to do something special to honor their beloved family members and invite them to be present at their wedding in spirit.

The pin that Matt wears inside his jacket — near his heart — in the photo below is a reminder of the people who may no longer be physically present in his life, but live on in his memories. These relatives had a huge influence on the man Matt is today, and it was only fitting that they be with him on the first day of his new life with Becca. That simple pin created a powerful reminder of the enduring and unbreakable bond we share with our loved ones.

Playing Together

There are many gorgeous images of Becca and Matt on their wedding day, but some of our favorite shots came from portraits we took with Becca’s veil. The veil that she chose was very long and almost gossamer. It floated ethereally in the breeze, and we knew we could incorporate it into their portraits in a beautiful and evocative way.

We love the photos from this series for two reasons: of course, they’re beautiful to look at.  However, they also allowed Becca and Matt to play with one another just as the veil played on the breeze. These photos shows them in a way that illustrates clearly the intimacy, trust, and deep love in their relationship. Looking through these photos, you can see the love they have for one another clearly reflected in their expressions and body language.

While there are many photos from the reception we could have featured that show how lively and fun Becca and Matt are individually, this album would go on for days if we included them. We love those veil pictures because they show off their individual zest for life as well as their delight in one another.

Like Father, Like Daughter

We love the bond that Becca and her dad share. Every photo of them together, from their formal portraits to their first dance to a candid embrace at the reception, illustrates the love and closeness between them. After hanging out with them together, it’s easy to see where Becca gets her boldness and sense of humor: that proverbial apple certainly didn’t fall far from the tree!

Becca and Matt’s wedding was absolutely gorgeous. From the flowers to the place settings to the tulle dresses of the flower girls, every detail was carefully considered. All those little parts came together to create a beautiful, and deeply memorable, wedding day. That said, Becca and Matt’s incredible family and friends made a great day unforgettable. The couple is surrounded by supportive, loving people who care very much about them. In the end, that’s what makes a wedding special.

wedding day kiss

Matt dips Becca back for a kiss just after their ceremony







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