Wedding Wednesday: Lori & Kibaki

February 4, 2019

Today’s Wedding Wednesday is actually an engagement shoot, and a quick browse through Lori and Kibaki’s pictures will show you why:  their love and devotion is so apparent in their engagement photos , and this set was a lot of fun to shoot for everyone involved. Lori and Kibaki have shared several years together and, now that they’re married (stay tuned for images from their wedding!), they’re looking forward to many more years of happiness with one another.  

Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York

Lori and Kibaki chose to shoot their engagement photos in beautiful Brooklyn Bridge Park in NYC.  The park is not only special to them and their relationship (it represents their New York City roots and the memories they share), it’s also an exceptional park.  Brooklyn Bridge Park offers opportunities for beautiful shots ranging from lush greenery to worn stonework to the famed NYC skyline.  

We spent the day moving through the park, taking shots of Lori and Kibaki enjoying one another’s company, laughing together, and relishing their relationship the way they do.  Their love and affection for each other really comes through in their photos — it was hard to narrow down our favorites from this session!

A Storied History

This shoot was especially close to my heart.  Kibaki and I actually met in the first grade and became fast friends.  He was by my side through many wonderful moments, as well as some turbulent times with my family.  He was there for me through my father’s illness and eventual passing.  My friendship with Kibaki reminds me of good times in my life, and he remained one of my closest friends for many years.  Then, in high school, we lost touch with each other.  We were busy living our lives and pursuing our goals, but we never forgot the bond we shared.

After nearly 20 years of lost contact, Kibaki reached out to me on Facebook and asked me to take his engagement photos.  I was honored!  Not only did Kibaki and I get to reconnect and catch up, but I got to meet the love of his life, Lori, and see firsthand how much she cared for him and the person he’s become.  It was so meaningful to me to be able to photograph one of my dearest friends at this important moment in his life, capturing the love he and Lori share.

City Couple

Lori and Kibaki wanted to use their engagement photos to pay homage to their shared Brooklyn origins.  Both of them grew up in New York City, with Kibaki down the block from me in Brooklyn and Lori not far away in Queens (though they wouldn’t meet until later in life).  They decided to incorporate some of the classic elements of their beloved city, like the famed Brooklyn Bridge and the New York City skyline.  Setting their engagement shoot in Brooklyn resulted in gorgeous images that are also deeply personal to them.

Shooting in a public park can be a challenge:  for example, it was hard to minimize the presence of other park-goers in some shots.  Lori and Kibaki didn’t seem to mind, though.  They were too focused on one another to pay much mind to the passers by!  Check out a selection of our favorite images from Lori and Kibaki’s engagement session, from intimate close shots to sweeping photos that feature the NYC skyline!  

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Lori & Kibaki enjoy a sweet moment together in front of the famous NYC skyline.







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